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    Dr. Christopher B. Sullivan, PhD

    Christopher Sullivan, Ph.D. is President and CEO of Image Research, LLC. Thirty Years ago he proposed the "telecommunication bottleneck" as a barrier to growth in newly industrializing countries in his doctoral dissertation. Today he is engaged in overcoming a similar "bottleneck" in health care by promoting health information exchange and telehealth services as a means of positively transforming patient care.

    Telehealth Resources for Florida

    The strategic use of telecommunications will improve access to health care professionals and increase the quality of health care delivered to people in need. Telehealth Florida is established to support better quality health care through access to telehealthcare services by:

    Promoting the widespread adoption and use of innovative telehealthcare technologies and services.

    Opening the door to telehealth and telemedicine technologies in Florida by locating funding through grants and investments and creating demonstration projects across a diverse set of health care settings.

    Using research, reports and stories about telehealth activities around the world to highlight the possiblities of telemedicine and to stimulate the innovative use of telecommunications for health care.

    Working to build a technical infrastructure among health care professionals until everyone in Florida has access to telehealthcare services.

    Contact Telehealth Florida for more information:
    Christopher B. Sullivan, PhD