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October 15, 2015

Entering a New Telehealth Season in 2015

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The Telehealth scene in Florida is starting to heat up as 2015 draws to a close. In the Florida Legislature, two bills, CS/HB 545 & CS/SB 478, had passed their committee hearings, and were heading toward consolidation when the legislative session ended.  According to Senator Arthenia Joyner, who sponsored telehealth bills in 2014 and 2015, a new telehealth bill will be on the floor in the 2016 session of the Florida Legislature.

In September, Florida TaxWatch held its second Cornerstone Telehealth Conference in Orlando to shine a light on policy issues in telehealth and to recap the legislative efforts to craft a telehealth bill in 2015.  TaxWatch has been active for several years tracking the movement of telehealth bills through the Legislature. As good summary of the 2015 legislative session in Florida can be found here:

At the beginning of October, the FCC came to Florida, holding meetings in Miami and Jacksonville. The goal was to promote broadband for telehealth. The meeting in Miami was held for vendors and the one in Jacksonville was for providers. I attended this one and it yielded some eye-opening use cases for the benefits of telehealth. I will report on this conference in later blogs. Of course, the first question is “Why is the FCC addressing Telehealth?” More later…

In December the Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center will be holding the Second Annual Telehealth Summit in Winter Park.  This meeting brings anyone interested in Telehealth together for a day and a half. Topics on the agenda include policy, outcomes, payment models and legal issues in telehealth, a poster session for telehealth researchers and a technical telehealth hands-on demonstration lab after the conference. More later…

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